Identifying Marketplace Opportunities - How do you evaluate your pipeline?

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Many companies employ different tactics to identify transactions ideal for Marketplace (likelihood to buy, data analytics, conversational data, etc). How does your team do it today? Are you looking for some ideas in this area? Drop a comment below so we can crowdsource some ideas!

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  • sarah.connor
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    Great question Jillian! I've seen this come up a few times as well and to go once step further, I'm curious what our community members are doing to target likely buyers once those MP opportunities have been identified.

    Would love to hear what ISVs are doing to promote, raise awareness, and drive sales activity through the Marketplace with buyers who are more likely to transact this way. 

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    We did a Press Release announcing our Solgari for Teams transactable listing that also went to our partners and partner prospects globally. This included an Indonesian Microsoft partner and they brought us a 100 user+ law firm opportunity that they need live immediately which will be a marketplace deal. The partner has a Teams practice and targeting Modern Workplace partners with existing customers is an obvious way to build qualified pipeline. We are also discussing private offers for some Cloud Service Providers who have many of the right type of customers.