Tracking Marketplace Deal Disbursements - How do you do it?

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Some companies create fake invoices in tools like NetSuite, others have spreadsheets tracking disbursements based on cloud provider reporting and disbursement timelines.

What's worked for your teams? I'm tagging some ops/finance folks to get the conversation going, hope you don't mind @zahid.sayyed @ericelias @edo @yela.neely 😊



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    Hello Jillian!!

    Thanks for pulling me in the conversation. I think there are lot of finance folks out there who are struggling to streamline the ever increasing billing and disbursement data. I am sure their struggle is not limited to tracking the disbursement, a lot of efforts goes in alignment of Net Terms, billing amount and installment schedules.

    To talk about disbursements, we use the Tackle SDDS reports to identify the relevant transaction in NetSuite for payment application. This requires reconciliation of internal NetSuite reports with Tackle data. Happy to fill in more with specific question if anyone has.