A Marketplace poem from ChatGPT

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A Tackler recently shared his experience with ChatGPT after asking the AI chat bot to write a poem about Cloud Marketplaces. Here's what was produced:

Cloud marketplaces, up in the sky

Where businesses go to buy and sell on high

A place where technology takes flight

Where data and servers are aplenty, quite a sight

From Amazon to Google, Azure too

These marketplaces offer something new

A place to find the tools you need

To make your business succeed

With a click of a button, you're all set

To purchase the services you won't regret

Scaling up or down, it's all the same

In the cloud, there's no one to blame

So let's raise a glass to cloud marketplaces

A modern marvel, full of surprises and graces

Here's to the future, bright and bold

Where businesses young and old

Can thrive and grow, in the cloud we'll roam

Thanks to the power of cloud marketplaces, a home away from home.

Raise a glass indeed!! Do you think the chat bot hit the mark? We think the bot needs some training to mention Tackle when prompted by the term Cloud Marketplaces 😂