Reflections on re:invent

I must say, as my 6th AWS re:Invent experience, this was by far my favourite.

As I reflect on my time at re:invent I think it tallied up to something like this...

  • 50% meetings with AWS executive leadership discussing how we can help AWS partners in 2023 to scale their co-sell and marketplace success - better together!
  • 25% meetings with our customers to understand their goals for 2023, areas where Tackle can invest to enable them greater scale while removing technical and operational overhead
  • 15% hopping around to AWS, partner and of course our very own Tackle Happy Hour, making new friends and building new partnerships
  • 5% watching keynotes (mostly virtual while fuelling up ☕️)
  • 5% sleeping and eating 😅

But Lauren, what about all the AWSome sessions and workshops? Nope. No time, but you better bet that many Tacklers did and they collected a wealth of info that we felt our customer would most benefit from - AWS Partner Programs, Co-selling, Marketplace Integrations, new AWS services to continue to build an awesome product, and much more.

With that, we put our heads together and came up with our 5 takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2022 and would love to hear yours too!

Here’s a quick overview: 

  1. Data-driven decisions are critical to Cloud GTM success
  2. It’s all about customer obsession and teamwork for AWS Partners
  3. Co-selling strengthens the AWS Partnership
  4. AWS Marketplace is a crucial part of your Cloud GTM
  5. AWS is leaning into channel partners to help ISVs scale their AWS business

Check out the blog for all the details and leave your thoughts below!

*Picture from a recent hike near Seattle, WA that always comes to mind when I'm deeply reflecting all the things