Is anyone thinking about using AWS Marketplace SaaS Free Trials?

First time poster, long time Tackler! 👋  I'm Lauren, Sr. Director of Partnerships, I manage Tackle's relationship with AWS.

I’ve been having this conversation with a few Saas ISVs about how they intend to leverage free trials in their overall marketplace motion and was curious if anyone here has given it some thought, or better yet, has had some success with the AWS MP free trial motion?

I really like the concept of using the marketplaces and free trials as a motion to get buyers more accustomed to the marketplace buying and trying experience. To sign up for the trial you need to have the right AWS permissions - this is crucial when it comes time to commit and sign a private offer and getting the right folks on the buyer side lined up to accept the offer. ....I'm guessing we've all run into this challenge when it comes time to get that PO accepted! 😅

I keep thinking about ISVs that are really embracing consumption pricing in their SaaS that aligns to how buyers buy cloud, so is a free trial in the marketplace a natural launch pad for a bottoms-up selling motion?

Would love to hear if anyone else is looking at building free trials into their MP motions and if you have already, have you found it to be a good source for warm leads?