CPPO: Best practices + blockers

Hi all,

Seeq's first re-seller partner is in the process of signing up for CPPO. This is a big step (in the right direction) as many of our re-sellers have medium-low cloud fluency, however a few are beginning to introduce the AWS Marketplace as a way to purchase Seeq to their customers.

On the other hand, the few re-sellers introducing AWS Marketplace don't actively cosell with AWS.

Is this backwards? Should our re-sellers find success in coselling before starting CPPO?

I'd like to hear how other marketplace leaders introduce CPPO to their re-sellers, scale to additional re-sellers, and any other blockers you've experienced.

-Joey Meucci, Seeq Corporation



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    Hi @joey.meucci and @cdodmead!

    I totally agree, Connie. I was reading this and it resonated with me as I've recently had several feedback sessions on the CPPO motion. A few takeaways:

    1. Reseller education and enablement is a point of frustration, some get it, some don't, and ISVs can figure this out late in the cycle. Having a quick reaction communication cheatsheet has helped some (teaching reseller how to complete the PO, how to help a buyer accept, some basics to ensure the deal is executed smoothly). Then when renewals or upsells approach, be ready for a similar education moment.
    2. Reseller Intro - some have taken an approach to pick a couple savvy resellers to start with, and then grow/expand from there. Stating a goal of X number of deals they'd like to run through CPPO together, creating a campaign or incentive. Learn, adjust, rinse, repeat.
    3. CPPO adoption is growing and will continue to grow, registration is key to track this internally and with AWS. I agree with Connie, here.
    4. In light of starting small, some ISVs start with a specific product offering, specific margins, terms, etc. Depends on the ISV comfort level. Then they grow from there.
    5. Visibility: the offer lives in the resellers portal, so you'll have to work closely with them to keep tabs on the deal and manage any future upsell/renewal.

    A robust topic! (PS: Joey, tell Megan I say hello, it's been a while!)

  • Another consideration around CPPO is managing the renewal process well, nobody wants to be scrambling on a renewal the day the contract is ending, especially with the additional layer of a reseller.

    AWS created this playbook that would be good to arm your sales/sales ops teams to make the most of a CPPO renewal, ideally with the least friction possible. It's a quick read and some good basic helpful tips.