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I'm curious how you've managed to convince your sales team to view Marketplace as a valuable sales channel?



  • sunny.ho
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    Lot's of training and working through deals to help them understand the value of leveraging the customer's committed budget to burn down their EDP.

  • joey.meucci
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    Last year's Tackle Cloud Marketplace report!

    We leverage stats like 61% of software buyers'​ top reason to transact through the marketplace is to leverage committed cloud spend​.

    Excited about this year's report.

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    We are continuously working on gaining buy in with our global sales teams by regular sales enablement that outlines the key benefits to the rep and their customers.

    We have created training videos, presentations of key information and updates on regional sales calls, features/commercials for selling through marketplace on our global sales talk live call. We've also worked with our sales leadership to prioritize selling through the marketplace with reps to leverage customer's cloud commitments.

    As new reps gain experience selling through marketplace, experience the process themselves and see success, they start to leverage it more and more!

  • jbm
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    This is great @sunny.ho @joey.meucci - I'd love to hear about the biggest hurdles or areas of push back you dealt with when enabling or convincing sales teams (or even sales leadership) of the benefits of selling through marketplace.