Takeaways from Google ISV Forum

I had the pleasure of attending the Google ISV Forum this month with a group of Tacklers, and I wanted to share our collective key learnings with our community members.

Here’s the big takeaway: now is the time to lean into the Cloud GTM partnership with Google, as the company is really ramping up and supporting ISVs with both people and technology. While Google's system for co-sell is still maturing, their appetite to team with ISVs is insatiable. 

More specifically: 

1. Marketplace is a clear priority for Google Cloud; there was discussion of co-sell and Marketplace across nearly every session at the Forum. According to the Forum Marketplace presentation, Google Cloud has seen a 6x increase in the number of customers spending >$1M through the Marketplace in FY21, and, over the past four years, they’ve seen a 10x increase in partners with paid offerings on Marketplace

2. Google's focus on AI for the ecosystem presents great capabilities available for all ISVs to take advantage of from a product perspective. Google recently released a great blog with some information about Generative AI training options that you can check out here: https://cloud.google.com/blog/topics/training-certifications/new-google-cloud-generative-ai-training-resources 

3. The Google team focused on ISV co-sell hosted the Forum and were very present throughout the entire event. This team has a lot of momentum and enthusiasm for what they’re currently building to accelerate the ISV co-sell experience with Google. 

How can Tackle help you? 

While at the Forum, Tackle presented on the Cloud GTM journey and best practices. While there, we talked to many ISVs about their current opportunities and challenges; one of the main challenges is that they’ve not been able to hire the way that they expected to this year. 

We want to remind you about our new service capabilities, ranging from Executive Workshops around Cloud GTM, to monthly coaching engagements all the way to full scale Cloud GTM managed services. These services can feel like the extra support you need when you're strapped for people resources. 

If you need prescriptive solutions on how to build and scale your Cloud GTM systems, please reach out to your CSM or comment below, and we will put you in touch with the team. 

We're here to help you to drive operational excellence so that you can focus resources on growing the cloud partnerships and your revenue streams!