Co-Sell 101: Set the Stage 🎭

vathsalya.senapathi Tackle Employee
edited May 26 in AWS Cloud Selling

Tackle Community, hello! Last time, you heard from us about the value of registering deals in ACE. Let’s now walk through steps to make the most out of each co-sell interaction you have with AWS sellers. 💪

The Intro

Once your opportunity has been accepted in ACE, you can now introduce yourself/your sellers to the aligned AWS reps. Sharing your value proposition clearly and succinctly helps AWS understand how your solution adds value to their customers, and complements native AWS services. Other great things to include in the introduction are:

  • Who you’ve spoken with at the ISV and/or your champion
  • What specific goals and timelines you’ve uncovered
  • Where you believe the AWS rep can help you in accelerating the deal

Scaling Co-Sell

Outside of the deal, you can also use this conversation as a chance to drive your strategic co-sell motion. Take a moment to ask if their team is familiar with your solution, and whether you can present during a team meeting. Ask for an introduction to their ISV Success Manager, who can amplify your efforts to enable other AWS sellers on your solution.

Staying on Track

It's important to stay aligned past the first call. Sustaining and building momentum may look like:

  • Sending frequent updates to the AWS rep on opportunity progress
  • Conducting account mapping exercises to identify other co-sell opportunities
  • Aiming for segment-wide enablement activities, such as team presentations or joint-outreach programs.

With these tips and tricks, you can set the stage for a successful co-sell with AWS and take your partnership to the next level.