Double Growth with Co-Sell - Partner Led for 2023

Last week in a CRN interview Microsoft Chief Partner Officer Nicole Dezen said that “...Microsoft co-selling partners achieved nearly double the revenue growth of partners that didn’t co-sell with Microsoft. Partners that co-sell with Microsoft grow faster and generate higher margin”

She went on to tell CRN that partners should invest in using Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, and called it “a core part” of the vendor’s go-to-market strategy. “This is really a mechanism to help partners scale faster,” she said. “And it’s a really nice complement to the other resources and programs that we have made available to our partners.”

Now this assumes your Cloud GTM (Marketplace + Co-Sell) practice has a solid foundation, a prescriptive mission and aligned goals and resources but none the less we are seeing a shift in Marketplace towards partner led that aligns to many corporate strategies in the current economy.

What are you seeing? Does this align to your strategy? What challenges does this solve or create?

Link to CRN Article