My Cloud Selling Secret for Building Pipepline with your own Sales Reps

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Hey we all train our sellers to ask their prospects and customers early in sales cycles about buying through marketplace.....right? This is one of the most important ways to get Marketplace deals done- connecting buyers and sellers with the medium to transact. Seems obvious.

Would you imagine that some of your sellers don't ask about it or don't bring it up.....ever?! It is true. So here is the secret:

Trust but verify.

Sure you say, but how do we do that?

When you interact with your sales team about deals or in general always ask reps if they have asked their customers/prospects about cloud spend. Here is where the secret comes in....... to verify the reps are doing what we ask I have added an automation between Gong and Slack.

Gong analyzes every call for mentions of AWS Marketplace and other keywords. Then when such a mention happens, a link to the snippet and a transcript of the mention are automatically sent to my own private slack channel called Bus-Dev Internal. Now I see a steady stream of slacks to this channel that look like this:

So here is a good example of our SuperStar Katlyn bringing up Marketplace- That is why she has been responsible for our most recent transactions!!! So if you find this new slack channel empty than you probably need to go flag your reps again and tell them they need to be finding out about cloud spend in discovery calls/meetings.


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    Love the idea of using Gong keywords! I'll definitely use this when talking to customers!

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    Great tip! This enables internal metrics as well: # if reps talking about MP, transacting in MP, and correlating that data and conversational lessons learned. Appreciate the insights, Ben!

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    This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing, Ben!